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The cost of the Practical Test is £62.00, only use the official site to book your Practical Test. You will need:-

  • A valid Great Britain or Northern Ireland provisional driving licence number.
  • Credit or debit card details to pay for the Test.
  • Your Theory Test pass date and certificate number.
  • Your driving instructor’s personal reference number (optional).

According to the DSA, most people have had about 47 hours of professional driving tuition plus 20 hours of private practice before they pass their Practical Driving Test. This is just an average figure, as everyone learns at a different pace.

Clearly, it’s important to get plenty of practice before taking your Practical Driving Test, You will agree a date with your instructor when you are ready to take your test.

Your instructor will advise and prepare you thoroughly for your Test, highlight your strengths and any areas that may require further development.

Passing your Test is not just about learning the Test routes, it’s about proving to the examiner that you are a safe and competent driver. You need to demonstrate an ability to read the road ahead, anticipate any developing situations and respond to them appropriately, safely and effectively.


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Mock Practical Tests

A couple of weeks prior to your Practical Test your instructor can arrange for you to experience a Clickdriving Mock Test. This involves another Clickdriving instructor playing the role of the examiner and conducting a Mock Test with you. Here, we will see how you handle any nerves and how you cope with total independent driving. The subsequent discussion with your instructor and the Mock Test instructor will help determine your readiness for test.

The day of the Practical Test

Your instructor will pick you up at the agreed time, usually around an hour before the Test. This gives you the opportunity to settle down in the car for a relaxed approach to the Test.  You have the option of your instructor sitting in the back of the vehicle for the duration of the test but this is optional, you will already have discussed this with your instructor.

Ensure you take both parts of your provisional licence along with a copy of your Theory Test Pass Certificate.

Your Practical Test will include:

  • An introduction with the examiner, reading and signing a declaration form and an eyesight check.
  • The ‘show me, tell me’ questions – this tests your basic mechanical knowledge – you will have been well advised and prepared for these by your instructor.
  • One manoeuvre plus the possibility of a ‘controlled stop’ – ‘controlled stops’ are conducted on one out of every three Tests.
  • The actual driving, which lasts about 40 minutes.  This includes 10 minutes of independent driving.

At the end of the Test the examiner will inform you if you have passed or failed. We would encourage you to allow your instructor to ‘sit in’ for this debrief. The examiner will produce a Test Report and describe any driving faults you might have committed, and if applicable, why your Test was not successful.

If you have passed, you will receive a Test Pass Certificate that will entitle you to drive immediately, however, your instructor will usually drive you back home afterwards.

Good luck from everyone at Clickdriving for your Practical Test!